It's Easy! Now FREE *

*cAPI Core is now available via a free subscription.



Pay once to get a 12-month subscription providing download access, updates and free feature upgrades.

  • Management Component - Admin console for managing tokens, API limits an Slim micro-framework settings.
  • Core Plugins - Collection of core plugins which control API configuration and expose Joomla web service routes.
  • Packaged Libraries - Pre-packages /vendor libraries maximize compatibility and buffer API from incremental changes to Joomla Platform.


Download and Install   

Download and install your cAPI Extensions Package via Joomla's Extension Manager. Make sure to enable all cAPI plugins after installation.

Important: You only need to install cAPI Core Package, on first install, as is it includes all core extensions.


 Configure Component & Create Tokens

Configure your cAPI component options and create your first access token. Check to make sure the user associated with this token is a member of the Joomla groups required to access the data you will request.

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