version 1.2.8




  • Remove unnecessary language item definition.
  • Remove unnecessary array definition.
  • Remove slim_php_framework view and related files and language parameters as they are no longer needed.
  • Symmetrically encrypt swaggerjson path parameter as "cryptoKey" key value store in user session.
  • Create service route getSlimSwaggerRemoteByUrl.Update com_services to use this route for the view swaggeruimisc.
  • Commit previously unversioned files.
  • Menu item parameter configuration for swaggeruimisc view for com_services
  • Create swaggeruimisc view for com_services to allow for front-end presentation of any pre-configured Swagger JSON definition file.
  • Resolve issues with proper handling of CORS preflight requests.
  • Fix bug with proper setting of Access-Control-Allow-Origin with respect to CORS.
  • Update token handling for parameter and header value to ensure acceptance.
  • Created PUT /tag and DELETE /tag methods.Working on Swagger docs.
  • Use jModel for postTag.Improve getTagNameById
  • Complete initial work on postTag.TODO: Finish metadata handling and parameters. Finish swagger doc block.
  • getTagFields, postTag
  • getTagTypes, getTagSearch, getTagNameById
  • Build new Tag methods.
  • Include "Authorization" in Access-Control-Allow-Headers as per request
  • Update version and year.

Updated documentation can be found here:

API Doc and Sandbox