cAPI v1.3.4.3 is a bug-fix release.

  • Increment to version Change joomlaID to j38
  • Resolved errors caused by undeclared, nested class objects.
  • Change minimum permission for GET component/model and GET component/list/all to core.login.admin
  • TODO: Improve access control check compatibility with various security modes for core and 3rd party extensions.

cAPI v1.3.4.2 was a bug-fix release.

  • Update version to
  • Require "Super User" (core.admin) privileges to access complete components list.
  • Create method GET /component/model to allow retrieving Model class information only. Helps with introspecting third-party Models which may not have known/standard Model methods.
  • Include modelMethod and modelMethodArguments (json) request parameters to GET /component/model/data to accommodate different Model class getters.
  • For GET /component/model/data, use call_user_func_array to call designated $modelMethod on $instance object with any number of arguments passed as JSON encoded array $modelMethodArguments.
  • Include HTML error codes for invalid requests.

cAPI v1.3.4.1 was a bug-fix release.

  • Remove unnecessary path debug in GET component/list/all response.
  • Update URL for "Find out more about cAPI" link.
  • Change $extension->name to $extension->element
  • Update to version

This release also includes the following:

  • Improve error trapping for GET component/model/data
  • Validate getInstance for getComponentModelData
  • Validate JTable::getInstance input for getComponentTableDataById
  • Build advanced filtering for getComponentModelData
  • Implement Joomla ACL per component and individual asset item.
  • New method getComponentModelData
  • Complete development on getComponentTableDataById.Include get_class_methods boolean check in URLparameter to allow class methods and associated parameters to be included in the response (requires core.edit for related component).
  • Update getComponentTableData to getComponentTableDataById.Method will return table data for single ID request.
  • Create method getComponentTableData
  • New method getComponentTableFields for returning component fields.
  • Initial work completed on getComponentListAll. Returns list of all components, along with table and model classes for "site" and "administrator" contexts.
  • Include Basic Authentication SecurityScheme definition.
  • Methods to allow Basic Authentication through Authorization header or force HTTP Apache Auth via URL variable basic_auth=true.
  • Create new class ServicesJoomlaHelpersComponent().
  • Increment to version 1.3.4.

Previous release:

Remove extraneous tag_link_class parameter Increment cAPI version to 1.3.3 Resolve bug with successful updating of dlid in update_sites table, extra_query field when editing the Download ID parameter in com_services component options. Updated documentation can be found here:

API Doc and Sandbox